Tours and Rates

*All tours are subject to a combined 15% Utah sales tax and required fees

** Prices were set at $2.50 per gallon for gas. All tours will be subject to a gas surcharge while prices are over $2.75 per gallon. This is our effort to keep consistency on our pricing while we adapt to these extremely high gas prices. We hope this is a temporary issue. We will adjust pricing if it becomes a long term issue. Thank you,for understanding!

We are often asked about appropriate tips for a tour guide.

Gratuity for tour guides in the United States are generally 10-20% if the guide gave a good tour.

Of course, tips are not an expectation, but they are greatly appreciated!

Shared Small Group Semi Private Tours: (available April 1-October 15)

*** Great option for solo travelers and couples! ***

* Peekaboo Slot Canyon 8:00 am $50/person Monday-Saturday (2-2.5 hours r/t)

* Great Chamber 11:30 am $50/person Monday-Wednesday-Friday (3 hours r/t)

* White Pocket Sunset 3:30 pm $115/person Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday (7-8 hours r/t)

***must have 3 people combined minimum to run as a shared group tour***

**all tours are subject to sales tax and BLM fees combined 15%

Thank you!

Pricing for Private Tours:

Single Site Local Kanab Area Tours (2-3 hours):

Most popular: Peekaboo Slot Canyon, Great Chamber, or Inchworm Arch

    1-2 people $175
    3 people $210
    4 people $260
    5 people $300
    Each additional person $50

Two Site Local Combos or Canyoneering (4-5 hours):

Most popular: Peekaboo/Great Chamber or Huntress (Beginner level Canyoneering)

    1-2 people $265
    3 people $300
    4 people $400
    5 people $500
    Each additional person $50

Best of Kanab combo of 3+ local sites (7-8 hours):

Most popular: Peekaboo, Great Chamber, Inchworm; or Peekaboo, South Fork Pictographs, Dinosaur Tracks

  • 1-2 people $325
  • 3 people $400
  • 4 people $475
  • 5 people $550
  • Each additional person $75

Vermillion Cliffs Area (7-8 hour tours -White Pocket, no permit/ Wave, Coyote Buttes South permits required)

Most Popular: White Pocket (no permit required)

  • 1-2 people $325
  • 3 people $400
  • 4 people $475
  • 5 people $550
  • Each additional person $75
  • The BLM requires an additional guide for groups larger than 5 at White Pocket, and larger than 6 at the Coyote Buttes.

Any 9-12 Hour Combination of Tours and/or Canyoneering in the Areas

Most Popular: Peekaboo/White Pocket; or multiple Canyoneering routes; all you can see around Kanab in a day, and CoyoteButtes South with White Pocket

  • 1-2 people $450
  • 3 people $$575
  • 4 people $675
  • 5 people $725
  • 6 people $850
  • 7 people $900
  • 8 people $950
  • 9-10 people $1000
  • The BLM requires an additional guide for groups larger than 5 at White Pocket, and larger than 6 at the Coyote Buttes.

Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon: 2.5 hours

This spectacular slot canyon is becoming more and more popular, however, it remains an excellent alternative to, or addition to the very crowded Antelope Canyon. On this tour, we are happy to let you take all the pictures you’d like.  Although we are more and more likely to share the canyon with others, we are often alone here and the groups we see are just in passing.  It is a pleasant experience with the time allotted for you to enjoy the marvels of a slot canyon.  Some guides call this Mystical Canyon for good reason.

The hike is 1.5 miles round trip.  It is a pretty flat hike through the sandy floor of the slot. There is one chest high boulder to scramble up just past the halfway point. There is usually a homemade ladder to assist.  Sometimes we have the opportunity to see some other local sites depending on the time in the slot canyon.

Popular Add-ons:  the Great Chamber, TV Towers, Candy CornToadstools, South Fork Pictographs, Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Tracks,   Each additional local site typically lasts 1.5-2.5 additional hours.

White Pocket:

White Pocket is an amazing place! The “brain rock”, red, orange, and yellow swirls will make you feel like you are on another planet.  There is an easy, short hike through the sand.  White Pocket itself is about a square mile of unique, curious curves, swirls, and colors of rocks.  This is a photographers happy place.

This tour takes about 7 hours round trip. The sand en route is very deep.  Our 4 wheel drive vehicles have high clearance and a plenty of experience making the trip.  We love being out at White Pocket.  A trip to Wire Pass can easily be added along the way, as well as an opportunity to drop by to see the California Condors when they are nesting at the Vermillion Cliffs.  An hour round trip hike to the MazeIt takes 2-2.5 hours of driving each direction from Kanab.  The roads are sandy, but that is our job to deliver you safely.  Once there, White Pocket is a pretty easy hike to beautiful scenery.

There is a 5 person per group limit at White Pocket. Groups of 6-10 will require a 2nd guide in order to satisfy the 5:1 guest to guide ratio required by the BLM.

Popular Add-ons:  The Maze, Wire Pass, Catstair Canyon, Condor Lookout.  You may also choose to follow us out to Jacob Lake and leave a car in order to see a sunset at the Grand Canyon after our tour of White Pocket.

The Wave:

The iconic Wave is a very popular destination. It is a pretty rugged 3.1 mile hike each way.  The heat can be brutal!  The destination is definitely worth the effort to wait for the daily lottery, and brave the elements.  Around the Wave, you may have time to check out the Boneyard, Cheeseburger Rock, Dinosaur Tracks, and a variety of additional formations and spectacular colors.  There are a couple of tricky spots along the hike.  We are happy to guide your group to ensure that you have a memorable, safe experience.  We will provide some water, however, we recommend that you bring extra, as the heat can be dangerous.  This tour will last anywhere from 6-8 hours depending on the weather, ability of the hikers, and the number of photos you desire to take.  We are happy to point you to some of the attractions, and help you make this a wonderful day!

Dinosaur tracks:

South Fork Pictographs:

Red Pinnacles:

Rock Canyon:

White Wave

The Great Chamber!

**For all tours listed above the prices are based upon 2 or more passengers and normal sight seeing tour times. For solo travelers and/or extra photography time (set up tripods, etc) please call us for those exceptions. We are happy to accommodate, but we will need to work our special pricing for those tours.

Thank you for exploring this amazing area with Coral Cliffs Tours of Kanab!

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